TON launched on hashpool

TON mining stratum protocol has been online: Support Miner: lolMiner Gminer(2.81+) mining server: stratum+tcp://  SSL mining server: stratum+ssl://    lolMiner mining configuration: lolMiner -a TON –pool stratum+tcp:// –user EQCO63C70cQlJmplvtZ7oWPosuYZdvnCO27xu-gSMOu9WRKA.worker1 –ton-mode 6 Run the following command for SSL: lolMiner -a TON –pool stratum+ssl:// –user EQCO63C70cQlJmplvtZ7oWPosuYZdvnCO27xu-gSMOu9WRKA.worker1 –ton-mode 6 Gminer mining configuration: miner.exe […]

How to join chia official protocol pool

How to Start Pooling in 6 Steps Old plots that were made for solo farming (OG plots) cannot be used with the new portable pool protocol. In order to participate in pooling, you will have to create new plots. However you can farm both OG and pooling plots on the […]

HashPool CKB Mining Tutorial

How to Mining on HashPool: hashpool CKB mining server address:     stratum+tcp:// Mining uses mainnet address starting with ckb  , E.g: ckb1qyqgpl9c7frg6tvlknphgv58uqvrdc3s6qqqctwssd How to get wallet address: CKB Node wallet   address:     mainnet: ckb1qyq8fxuxz49nvatawuqye0fydpm4gulcs6usgyfkrr (mining with this mainnet address )     testnet: ckt1qyq8fxuxz49nvatawuqye0fydpm4gulcs6us4phf0l lock_arg: b1bc3c78fa72deb65bbd202903f36dc222cbc78e lock_hash: ~ 2. Use […]

Nervos CKB launched on hashpool

On October 5th, HashPool launched the Nervos CKB mining and participated in the CKB Round 5 testnet mining contest. The testnet contest consisted of three phases, ending at 2pm UTC+8 on November 16. During the contest, the mining Fee is 0%. The mining uses CKB mainnet address. When CKB to […]

MCM Mining Rig Build Guide

Getting Started Can I mine Mochimo with cheap parts from Amazon? Yes You Can! The recommended setup for MCM is very entry level. You can actually purchase very low end parts, old parts, or even used parts to get started and expand from there. For this build I tried to […]

API Documents

API Server endpoint   Pool coins Request:  GET /coins Response: { “code”: 0, “data”: [ { “coin”: “BSHA3”, “fee”: 0, “minPay”: 0.1, “poolHashrate”: 11.6, “poolHashrateUnit”: “GH/s”, “netHashrate”: 1, “netHashrateUnit”: “H/s” }, { “coin”: “CKB”, “fee”: 0, “minPay”: 0.1, “poolHashrate”: 0, “poolHashrateUnit”: “H/s”, “netHashrate”: 1, “netHashrateUnit”: “H/s” } ] } […]

MCM launched on hashpool

Currency for the Post-Quantum Era A truly decentralized quantum-resistant blockchain that’s lightweight, fast and scales. Blockchain reborn and rewritten with a poetic license. Maximum Supply: 76,533,882 Mineable Coins: 71,776,816 (93.8%) Mining Algorithm: Trigg’s Algorithm – PoW Difficulty Adjustment: Every Block Target Block Time: 337.5 Seconds Genesis Block: June 25th, 2018 […]

Mochimo GUI Wallet

Installation Mojo itself is a portable application that does not need to be installed, but requires at least Java version 8 to be installed in order to run. In most cases, double clicking the JAR file is sufficient to run the application. If this fails, it can be started by entering the following command […]